Here are some projects I’ve worked on recently.

Legends of Warsaw

Published by the Museum of Warsaw, 2020. A collection of classic legends about Poland’s capital city.

Mr Gimbal’s Incredible Invention

An extract of this fantastic children’s book by Justyna Bednarek was published by Words without Borders in April 2020. It offers a snapshot of this sweet and hilarious book, which I would just love to see brought in full to an English audience. Pan Kardan i przygoda z vetustasem is published by Bajka in Poland.

The Nine Circles

An extract from Margo Rejmer’s Mud Sweeter than Honey was published by Granta online in February 2019. It is an account by Fatos Lubonja of his time in an Albanian prison under Communism.

Greek Myths and Mazes

Published by Walker Studio in 2019, this big and beautiful children’s book by Jan Bajtlik was originally published by Polish children’s literature powerhouse Dwie Siostry as Nić Ariadny. Readers learn about Greek myths and culture as they work their way through intricate mazes, with longer explanations at the back of the book.

Clementine Loves Red

Clementine Loves Red

This was my first literary publication, a co-translation with Antonia Lloyd-Jones of a Polish classic. Written by Krystyna Boglar, with wonderful illustrations by Bohdan Butenko, it tells the story of a group of children who discover a lost little girl in the forest and then set off into darkness to find her companion, Clementine. It’s published by Pushkin Press.